Open a door into a world where you control the narrative. 

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Sal welcomes you is an intro to Scary Cabin, created by the community


Zoe's Not Here is a great 14 part story created by the community


Together we’re creating something completely new. A story with infinite endings.


Our Mission

Scary Cabin is an evergreen story platform that’s constantly evolving. Every story can be transformed and every decision leads to different outcomes. It’s the world's first crowd-created, interactive animated movie. 

Every couple of weeks MashUp Machine (that’s us) will release a new episode--and we have a challenge for you. We want you to help us make it better by changing it to suit your idea of a good story, and by mashing up the content that we and other people have created. So, go ahead: borrow dialogue and action, weave together various plot lines, drop characters into different scenes. Be funny. Be dramatic. Be a little evil. Own it. Mash your heart out. 

You are not alone. Behind the scenes, we’re developing an advanced machine learning technology that will help stitch everything back together. We call it Mashi.


Mashi likes to make suggestions--about camera angles and scene layouts, dialogue and character actions, plot points and story arcs. 

And one day soon, Mashi will help tell whole stories. 

Mashi’s bound to make some mistakes and it’ll need your help to correct them. In fact, that's one of the ways it will learn. Ask Mashi for a suggestion. Maybe it’ll offer something whimsical, or maybe something dark. Use its idea or transform it into something better. The more you contribute, the richer the story of Scary Cabin will become, and the more Mashi will learn. 

Overall, Scary Cabin is about you telling the stories that you want to tell, and sharing them easily. And since we want you to participate in the creative process, we’ll reward your contributions with a credit. Share your stories with your friends and you’re a "Producer." Write dialogue and you’re a "Scriptwriter." Lay out panels to earn the title of "Cinematographer", or edit a story to be an "Editor.” If you get inspired, do it all, become the "Director.”